NeuroSystec Clinical Trial

ATA is committed to keeping its supporters informed about new developments in tinnitus research. NeuroSystec Corporation, a company located in Valencia, California and a corporate member of the ATA, is developing a therapeutic treatment for tinnitus.

Their approach is to use a potent, neuroactive agent to calm the hyperactive nerves responsible for cochlear tinnitus. Their drug development has progressed to the clinical stage and they are beginning a Phase 1b trial in Europe. This trial is primarily a safety study but since the study will only accept severe tinnitus patients, they will learn about the effect of the drug on tinnitus. Upon successful completion of this study, NeuroSystec will then test a fully implanted long term drug delivery device with enough drug to treat tinnitus continuously for a year or longer.

For more information about this company and the status of their research program please visit their website at or ( key word: NeuroSystec).

Important note: ATA does not endorse or recommend any tinnitus treatment.