Summit for Silence - Mt. Hood Climb

Donna's Goal: $100,000


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Read Donna’s Story:

Dear ATA Supporter,

You won’t believe it. I’ve done it again... I got another hair brained idea to climb a mountain! And with a cure for tinnitus just over the next peak, I urgently need your help.

I’m Donna Brown. Tinnitus shattered my world nearly 20 years ago. Back then, I could barely climb out of bed. Though I trained as a nurse, NOTHING prepared me for the uncontrollable, 24/7 agony of tea-kettle-whistling in my ears. But you know what? After years of suffering, I realized something I could control. I could choose to be debilitated by tinnitus or... I could choose to not let it rule my life.

I’ve always been an outdoor enthusiast. So I decided to put my passion for climbing to good use. To climb for a cure! I may be 61 years old, but I believe you’re never too old (or young!) to make a difference. On July 11-12, 2013 I embark on my third climb to raise funds for tinnitus research. This time I take on the 11,000'+ glacial peak of Oregon’s Mt. Hood. It will be a strenuous, technical climb. And it will raise $100,000 to fund cutting-edge tinnitus research – but ONLY with your help!

Time is of the essence! Never before in history have we been this close to a cure. Let me ask you, if you could end tinnitus suffering one day, or week, or month sooner – would you? I would! And every gift gets us one step closer.

Please join me in supporting ATA. Make a generous donation today and 100% will directly fund vital research projects by the brightest scientific minds of our time. Not everyone can climb a mountain. But we can all work together to silence tinnitus.

Your generous support of ATA has already brought us this far. Let’s not stop short of a cure! On behalf of myself, ATA and tinnitus patients everywhere, I really can’t thank you enough.

Onwards & upwards,



Donna Brown


P.S. Make a gift of $100 or more and I’ll carry your name to the summit, inscribed on a banner that I’ll unfurl from the mountain top. Let’s show the world we will not be silent until tinnitus is!


Please Make a Donation Today to Support Tinnitus Research!