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Welcome to the Members Section of the American Tinnitus Association!

We're certain you will utilize the valuable benefits that come along with your yearly American Tinnitus Association membership:

  • Three Tinnitus Today magazines online: high-resolution PDFs (600dpi) that may be viewed, printed or shared with your family and friends. Connect with your loved ones and help them understand what tinnitus is all about.
  • Three supplemental issues of the ATA Electronic Newsletter in between copies of
    Tinnitus Today
  • Progressive Tinnitus Management program: learn helpful and proven ways to manage your tinnitus
  • Archived Tinnitus Today articles from ATA's magazine - view and learn from a 20-year history about tinnitus, the progress of research and ATA's role
  • List of health care professionals near you
  • ATA Support Network contacts
  • Generous discounts on helpful ATA products
  • Access to the tinnitus research news, clinical trials and ATA funded projects

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