February 6-12, 2017 is Tinnitus Awareness Week!

We Invite YOU to Share Your Story of Tinnitus for 2017’s Tinnitus Awareness Week!
Tinnitus Awareness Week 2017 Profile Photo

It’s that time again! Tinnitus Awareness Week #TAW2017! The American Tinnitus Association (ATA) is proud of its 2016 accomplishments and wants to make sure that we keep up the momentum in 2017!

This year is special. The British Tinnitus Association (BTA), the TinnitusHub, Better Hearing Australia, Australia Tinnitus Association, the British Society of Audiology, and the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) and several other worldwide tinnitus organizations are teaming up to promote a global effort to raise awareness during Tinnitus Awareness Week. (Email me if you are one of those tinnitus organizations that want to get involved!) 

Upload a short video (try to keep it to a maximum of 10 seconds) telling us what tinnitus means to you

This year, we ask YOU - the tinnitus community - to share their personal story of tinnitus with the ATA and the world! It’s time to spread the word to help silence tinnitus!

With knowledge comes power. And the power is in your hands. It takes the whole tinnitus community working together to share the message and educate the world about tinnitus. You can help. We know you’ll help!

Share your tinnitus story.

We are asking the tinnitus community to share with us your *stories of tinnitus. We want to help you share your insights and experiences with the tinnitus community at large. We understand the value of shared personal experience. We want to hear about yours!  Help us ask these questions for others:

  • How do you manage your tinnitus?
  • What treatments or therapies would you recommend to others with tinnitus?
  • Perhaps you have something else you’d really love to tell to wider tinnitus community?

Email us your personal experiences through your tinnitus journey. Your story could be featured on our website, in our e-blasts, or in Tinnitus Today or social media! Share it!  

TinnitusHub is also looking for your tinnitus stories! Whether it be positive, negative, indifferent, we want to hear it all! You can upload your video until 4th February. Afterwards, we’ll create a video with a collage of your experiences to help raise tinnitus awareness.

Join in solidarity online.

The BTA and the ATA are teaming up to promote a global effort to raise awareness during Tinnitus Awareness Week. Help us by uploading the Tinnitus Awareness Profile Image to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Tell your friends to do it too! Spread the word of Tinnitus Awareness Week! Share your tinnitus story and invite others to do so with the hashtag #TAW2017

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2017 Profile Photo

Right click the Tinnitus Awareness Week Profile Image, click SAVE AS to your computer - then upload it as your social media profile image for the week of February 6-12, 2017 using the hashtag #TAW2017.


Speak out about tinnitus.

Here at the ATA, we talk about tinnitus every day, but do you? Probably not! Tinnitus Awareness Week is a perfect time (and excuse) to talk about tinnitus! It’s time to tell your friends. Your family. Your colleagues. Your neighbors. Tell those who don’t know themselves! What is tinnitus? What treatments are available? How you can manage your tinnitus. Share this page with everyone you know! We are here! We are going to stand up to tinnitus! 

Support research towards a cure.

We fund the research that you support. Last year alone we funded $150,000 in research grants that will impact scientific advancements. Over the course of ATA’s founding, we’ve contributed over $6 million to tinnitus research and projects. You’ve been helping us do it! Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to make the progress that we’ve made towards finding a cure for tinnitus. Help us fund the research that advances our understanding and treatment of tinnitus. Help us fund research that will one day result in a CURE

*Keep your stories a 100 words or less. Please include your first name and your location. Be advised that the contributed written material will be reviewed – perhaps edited – and potentially published. Submit your stories no later than January 31, 2016. Please be advised that once your story is submitted to the ATA, it becomes the full copyrighted property of the American Tinnitus Association. And thank you for your contribution! 

Looking back on 2016 – What we’ve accomplished


This year, the ATA Board of Directors approved $150,000 of total funding to support 3 unique and particularly-promising tinnitus research projects:

Neuroimaging-Guided Neurostimulation Therapy for Tinnitus

Amber Leaver, Ph.D., University of California, United States

Funding: $50,000

Roadmap to a Cure: Pathways A, B, C, D

Study Overview: Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is an attractive option [in treating tinnitus], due to its relative affordability, mobility, and safety profile. Indeed, studies have demonstrated tDCS effective at transiently reducing tinnitus symptoms. Temporal cortex in particular is a common target, given previous evidence of aberrant patterns of activity in auditory cortex in tinnitus patients. The main goal of the proposed research is to hopefully improve non-invasive, low-cost neurostimulation therapies for the treatment of chronic subjective tinnitus.

The Role of Genetically Defined Cell Populations in Generating and Suppressing Tinnitus

Richardson Leão, Ph.D., Brain Institute, Federal University of Rio Grande, Bazil

Funding: $50,000

Roadmap to a Cure: Pathways A, B & C

Study Overview: It is not known what areas and groups of neurons are primarily involved in tinnitus generation. A deeper understanding of cell types may be important for improving electrical stimulation therapies. In this project, using state-of-the-art genetic tools, electrophysiology and behavior techniques, we will dissect specific nerve cell assemblies involved in the generation and persistence of tinnitus. This project’s long-term objective is to find strategic points in the auditory system for disrupting tinnitus perception.

Validating the Gap-Startle Model of Tinnitus Detection Using Behavioral and Electrophysiological Tests in Humans

Sylvie Hébert, Ph.D., University of Montréal, Canada

Funding: $50,000

Roadmap to a Cure: Pathways C & D

Study Overview: Currently the diagnosis of tinnitus relies exclusively on self-report and subjective questionnaires, and there is no objective test to prove—or disprove—the presence of tinnitus. The goal of this study is to properly validate the gap model in humans. To accomplish this, Dr. Hébert and her team developed a novel approach that uses each person’s exact tinnitus sound as a test stimulus. They will use behavioral tests to see if people can hear silent gaps within their own tinnitus sound, but we will also employ a new measure of brain activity to discover if sensory brain networks affected by tinnitus are also able to detect gaps.

What is the Roadmap to a Cure?


ATA members are aware of the benefits of joining the American Tinnitus Association. With access to tinnitus management tools, workbooks, and sound masking audio, we offer our members many ways to manage their tinnitus. We offer reliable, scientifically-credible information about tinnitus. The information that we provide our members is solid.

Members receive their own copy of Tinnitus Today magazine, published three times per year. Inside contain the stories of tinnitus, new treatment options, latest scientific advancements, interviews with industry experts, and a plethora of educational resources for people with tinnitus.


The ATA is working to enhance its already great member benefits. In 2017, you can expect to see the launch of a conversational podcast series on educational topics about tinnitus, titled “The Tinnitus Podcast”.  With the launch of the ATA’s new podcast series also comes new marketing programs to create awareness and fund research towards finding a cure for tinnitus. If you haven’t already, join the ATA today to take advantage of the forthcoming informative email announcements, support group notifications in your area, ongoing research and discoveries and so much more. 

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Treatment Options

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