Stelios DokianakisStelios Dokianakis, AuD, CH-TM

Dr. Dokianakis is a Board-Certified Doctor of Audiology in Holland, Michigan. He has degrees in Biomedical/Mechanical Engineering as well as audiology, with research and clinical experience. Meeting ATA founder Dr. Jack Vernon was a pivotal moment for his interest in tinnitus. His professional interests are in the areas of tinnitus, sound sensitivities and high-frequency hearing loss. Dr. Dokianakis is the owner of Holland Doctors of Audiology, an independent private practice. He serves on the State of Michigan Board of Audiology as well as on Boards of nonprofits for the arts and animal rescue. Dr. Dokianakis holds the American Board of Audiology's Tinnitus Management Certification and has led the Holland, Michigan Tinnitus Support Group since 2012.