Tinnitus 101

What's that Ringing in Your Ears?

Embark on an enlightening journey with Marc Fagelson, PhD, as he explores the world of tinnitus and the auditory system. This five-minute video, with close to seven million views, explores the profound experience of losing silence and the challenges it can pose to daily life.

The Science of Hearing

Delve into the intricate realm of sound with Oliver Douglas, PhD, who navigates this fascinating journey from our ears to the brain. This clever animation shows what can happen when the system falters, which sometimes results in tinnitus.

Debunking Tinnitus Myths

Debunking 5 common myths about tinnitus

Tinnitus Q&A on Sound Therapy

Sound therapy may seem confusing at first glance, but it’s something that you can easily do on your own or pursue with a tinnitus specialist to reduce the impact of tinnitus on your daily life. To explain this and more, Grant Searchfield, PhD, explains what you should know.

Stethoscope in white background

Still Have Tinnitus After 48 Hours?

When tinnitus doesn’t fade in a day or two, it’s important to get help sooner than later. John Coverstone, AuD, outlines what avenue of care might be most appropriate based on what caused the tinnitus and its impact on your daily life.


The Tinnitus Book

When it comes to understanding tinnitus, internet searches can generate unnecessary alarm and confusion, which is why Jim Henry’s book on understanding tinnitus and how to find relief is a resource anyone new to tinnitus should read.

Additional Resources

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