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Vol. 10: December 31, 2023

New beginnings often generate a sense of hope and aspiration, which is why many of us begin a new year with resolutions. Tinnitus resolutions, however, can be tricky because goals may have hurdles and some goals may be unrealistic, which can make tinnitus feel overwhelming.

In this issue of Tinnitus Health, we invite you to set constructive goals that can enhance your sense of well-being and ability to manage tinnitus* effectively.

Harnessing Hope for Tinnitus Recovery: Empowering Providers and People Struggling With Tinnitus

Why does hope matter when it comes to tinnitus? Brittany Grayless, AuD, explores why outcomes for individuals bothered by tinnitus can hinge on hope and constructive action.  (Take Dr. Grayless’s survey to help her advance this area of research.)

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What Do Diets and Tinnitus Have in Common? 

Who hasn’t tried a diet and failed? Understanding the complicated dynamics in finding the “right” approach to tinnitus management, LaGuinn Sherlock, AuD, outlines the “tinnitus diet” to help you pursue a plan that aligns with your lifestyle, preferences, and desired outcomes.

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The Allure of the "Magic Pill": What Science Says About Dietary Supplements to Help Tinnitus

Taking a pill for tinnitus is propelled by the hope that it might help, even when we know there’s no pill to silence the sound. Dr. Claudia Coelho reveals what the research says about supplements for tinnitus and why you should think twice** about taking them.

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Engage With People and Communities Who Share Your Values and Goals

Join or support ATA, the only nonprofit committed exclusively to funding research to cure tinnitus, connecting individuals with skilled healthcare providers, and providing evidence-based guidance on tinnitus to thousands of individuals annually so decisions on tinnitus care are based on facts, not fear.

Build your support network by joining a tinnitus support group or calling/emailing a peer-to-peer volunteer. Having a safe space to talk and a sense of community can help resolve fears and build confidence in one’s ability to cope. Talk to people who understand your struggles.

*Before pursuing any tinnitus treatment or intervention, you should see your physician to determine if there is an underlying medical cause for your tinnitus. Once cleared medically, work with a qualified healthcare professional trained in tinnitus management to determine the best strategies to limit the impact of tinnitus on your quality of life. For help, call ATA’s Tinnitus Advisor Program call line at 800.634.8978, ext. 3, for a 15-minute free consultation.

**Individuals considering supplements or other medications to manage tinnitus should work closely with their physician and pharmacist to ensure that the supplements and/or medications are safe, appropriate, and monitored regularly.

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