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Vol. 5: February 10, 2023

Tinnitus awareness can be challenging to grasp if you don’t have tinnitus yourself, which is why the American Tinnitus Association is bringing you the voices of those who know the struggles, as part of Tinnitus Awareness Week.

With greater awareness, we hope it’ll be easier for those new to the condition and those without it to understand the challenges of living with constant sound and the need for meaningful support.

Practical Steps to Support Your Loved One With Tinnitus

A leading expert outlines what you need to know about tinnitus and meaningful support.  

By Bruce Hubbard, PhD

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Does Tinnitus Bother You? It Might Be Time to Join or Form a Support Group

Join a support group to learn more about tinnitus and discover a safe space to talk. 

By Trudy Jacobson, Tucson Tinnitus Support Group Leader

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Finding the Road to Neutral

Explore how living well with tinnitus can be a circuitous path.

By Stuart Levine 

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