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Vol. 6: March 17, 2023

What does meaningful change look like within the tinnitus community? For some, it’s defined by public awareness of the wide-ranging severity of the condition, which would translate into physicians acknowledging the challenges and offering evidence-based information on coping and where to seek help. For others, change is measured by progress toward cures and better treatments. For many individuals, meaningful change reflects the gradual progression from feeling overwhelmed by unwanted sound to feeling that it can be managed with support and effective tools.

This issue of Tinnitus Health highlights significant change that is happening through the effort of individuals and corporations that believe tinnitus deserves greater attention and that patients deserve more efficacious help.

Texas Roadhouse and Its Affiliate Bubba’s 33 Raise More Than $800,000 for the ATA Through Tinnitus Awareness Dine-to-Donate Fundraiser

Read about Texas Roadhouse and ATA's partnership for Tinnitus Awareness Day 

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FDA Approves Novel Tinnitus Treatment Device

Learn about the bimodal neuralmodulation device that's been FDA approved for tinnitus treatment. 

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The Alarm that Sparked Tinnitus and a Marital Crisis

When tinnitus threatened this television executive’s thirty-year marriage, he looked inward to find relief—and realizations. He discovered meaningful change over time.

By Stuart Levine 

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The Pros and Cons of Telehealth for Tinnitus Care

Using telehealth for tinnitus management can make life easier—but there are things to consider before diving into this evolving care model. 

By Marc Fagelson, PhD 

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