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Vol. 7: May 18, 2023

This issue of Tinnitus Health highlights practical advice for those with tinnitus.

Discussion around tinnitus often focuses on the big picture, whether that’s finding a cure or searching for a cause. But for many people with tinnitus, the condition requires daily management. From practicing good mental health habits, to discovering how diet plays a part in hearing health, one can make many small changes in daily life that add up to a bigger positive impact. We hope the advice in these articles benefits your everyday experience as someone living with tinnitus.

Seasonal Change and Tinnitus

Read about how allergies can affect hearing and tinnitus.

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From Phantom Sound to Phantom Limb Pain

Renowned Science Journalist on Living with Hidden and Visible Disabilities. 

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The Role of Diet in Tinnitus and Hearing Health

Learn how food and nutrition contribute to tinnitus and hearing health.

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