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Vol. 9: November 26, 2023

November marks a time of reflection, and we are immensely grateful for the unwavering dedication of our volunteers, the generosity of those who support our mission, and the compassionate individuals who help others navigate tinnitus or expand the way we think about it.

As part of meaningful giving, we offer open-access resources intended to raise awareness of tinnitus and ways to manage it effectively. We hope you find the November issue of Tinnitus Health useful and thought-provoking. Be sure to listen to the audio file below by Gregory Warner for a unique take on the sound of tinnitus.

On November 28, we mark Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to celebrating generosity by championing causes and individuals close to your heart. We invite you to consider including ATA in your online giving, contributing to our ongoing mission to raise awareness of tinnitus and silence it through research. Your support, no matter the amount, is invaluable and makes a difference in our ability to help others and facilitate change.

2023 ATA Research Grants

The ATA has awarded the inaugural People’s Grant and second-year funding for the Kent Taylor Texas Roadhouse Tinnitus Research Grant. Adam Lammert will begin his research journey to find better ways to characterize tinnitus sounds, which may help in treatment. With her grant renewal, Julia Campbell, from the University of Texas at Austin, will continue her investigation of auditory gating.

The ATA thanks the many people who made the People’s Grant possible through generous donations in 2022!

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What is the "Sound" of Letting Go

As an audio producer and podcast host, Gregory Warner is always thinking about how to bring abstract ideas down to the level of sound and story. When he was invited to produce a three-minute audio documentary on the theme of Letting Go, he immediately thought about his wife's experience with tinnitus. He reached out to the ATA for information about the condition and suggestions on experts in the field he should talk to. 

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Moving for the Mind

For many of us, November brings weather that can make getting outdoors to exercise more challenging. Find motivation in the science, which shows moderate exercise is our best tool to improve our mood, reduce stress, and, by extension, manage our tinnitus during this busy time. How much, what context, what intensity, and what types of exercise are necessary to reap mental health benefits?

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Apps for Calming the Mind

The end of the year can be a stressful time for some of us, which can make tinnitus more challenging to live with. Fortunately, there are easily accessible ways to find peace and calm by using free or inexpensive phone apps that foster a sense of peace and serenity.

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Together, we are expanding awareness of tinnitus by supporting one another with compassion, hope, and a commitment to evidence-based facts and credible information on tinnitus. If you’d like to learn more about how you can contribute to the ATA community by volunteering or giving, visit www.ATA.org, call 800-634-8978, ext. 2, or email tinnitus@ata.org.