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Advertising Specifications and Prices for Tinnitus Today Magazine Advertisers

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Important Ad Submission Information


Ads are due for review in advance of the issue date as outlined below:

Spring Issue: (April) due February 1
Summer Issue: (August) due May 1
Winter Issue: (December) due October 1

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AMERICAN TINNITUS ASSOCIATION (“ATA”) and the undersigned advertiser (“Advertiser”), for and in consideration for the right to publish certain advertisements in Tinnitus Today do hereby agree as follows: 

1. Prior to acceptance and publication, all advertisements are subject to review by ATA in its sole discretion.

2. Advertisements shall contain no misleading statements or information and must be free of false claims. As used by ATA, the term “misleading” includes both a general impression as well as specific statements. Prior to ATA’s acceptance of any advertisement, advertisers must be able to substantiate and document in writing to ATA, in ATA’s sole discretion, any and all claims made regarding the therapeutic effectiveness of the product which the advertiser seeks to advertise. 

3. All advertisements must be presented in a high-resolution print-ready (300 dpi or greater) format by the specified due date and must meet all mechanical requirements.

4. Each and every advertisement submitted by an advertiser shall be subject to the review process described hereunder.

5. The word “ADVERTISEMENT” must appear on all advertisements.

6. ATA reserves the right in its sole discretion to reject any advertisement at any time for any or no reason, even if the same advertisement had been previously accepted. 

7. Advertisers, whose advertisements are accepted by ATA, agree to promptly respond to and correct any complaints from readers regarding their respective advertised products. Furthermore, each such advertiser shall maintain a continuous written record of any such complaints and the corrective action taken. In the event that an advertiser fails or refuses to respond to any such complaints, or if, in ATA’s sole discretion, any such advertiser has received an excessive number of complaints, ATA may terminate all such advertising. 

8. All advertisements for any product sold through the mail or online must contain a full money-back guarantee of the advertiser or some other appropriate entity.

9. Advertiser agrees to and shall indemnify and hold ATA harmless from any and all losses, claims, demands, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses, including, but not limited to attorney’s fees, which may result from the publication of any of an advertiser’s advertisements.

10. It is specifically understood and agreed that ATA’s acceptance of any advertisement for publication in Tinnitus Today does not in any way or manner imply or constitute ATA’s endorsement of any such advertised product or service. A statement to that effect will be included in the Table of Contents of Tinnitus Today and shall read as follows: “ATA’s publication of any advertisement does not in any way or manner constitute or imply ATA’s approval or endorsement of any advertised product or service.”

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