American Tinnitus Association Catalog of Tinnitus Today Magazine and Conversations in Tinnitus Podcasts

KEY: Topics are listed under major headings by title of article, season and year.

ATA Funded Research and News

Children and Tinnitus

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Coping and Living with Tinnitus

Diagnosing Tinnitus

Habituation: Adapting to Tinnitus

Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

How to Support Tinnitus Research


Pharmacology: Medication, Ototoxicity, Vitamins and Other Dietary Supplements

Sleep and Tinnitus

Tinnitus Healthcare

Tinnitus Research

Tinnitus Tools and Technology



Tinnitus Treatment and Therapies

Music and Art Treatment (Therapy)

Sound Therapy

TBI Traumatic Brain Injury and Tinnitus


Patient Stories

There are as many experiences of tinnitus as there are people. Learn about the various ways people manage their condition and take back their lives.

Tinnitus Research

ATA is one of the only organizations worldwide funding tinnitus research. Learn about ATA's innovative Roadmap to a Cure, and recently-funded studies.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options

You have choices when it comes to tinnitus treatment. Learn about your options, including general wellness, sound therapy, behavioral therapies and more.