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Join ATA, the nation’s largest nonprofit organization for tinnitus patients. Get valuable benefits and support our mission to silence tinnitus.

The American Tinnitus Association wishes to extend a warm welcome to companies interested in joining hands with the ATA to advance their mission.

ATA’s Corporate Engagement Program provides your company with year-round visibility within the tinnitus community, which includes tinnitus patients, healthcare providers, and auditory science researchers around the world.


  • ATA is the only patient-centered membership association that directly funds research related to tinnitus. Since 1980, we have contributed nearly $6 million to research and supported hundreds of projects in the ongoing effort to improve our understanding of tinnitus, develop and optimize tinnitus treatments, and advance the search for an ultimate cure.
  • ATA funds cutting-edge science, with targeted, annual research grants to innovative and promising projects. Over the last 35 years, we have contributed over $6 million in seed grants to the search for a cure.

Learn about the American Tinnitus Association's most recently funded tinnitus research grants.

American Tinnitus Association NEW Corporate Engagement Program

View Corporate Engagement Program details as a PDF.

ATA has developed a new corporate engagement program that provides your company with better benefits and year-round visibility to the members and health provider community, which includes tinnitus patients, healthcare providers, and auditory science researchers around the world. 

By partnering with the ATA, you help support the following initiatives that directly improve the lives of tinnitus patients, as well as the skills of their healthcare providers:

  • The Tinnitus Advisors Program (TinnAP), the only U.S.-based patient program offering tinnitus guidance seven days a week from a licensed professional specialized in tinnitus management
  • The ATA’s educational activities, which includes publication of its award-winning magazine Tinnitus Today, and production of our openaccess Conversations in Tinnitus podcast
  • Funding of tinnitus seed grants, which lays the groundwork for significant breakthroughs in treatments and possible cures

The ATA Corporate Engagement Program can be customized in an annual agreement to meet mutually beneficial strategic goals, increase brand awareness, and build rapport with patients and healthcare providers.

Corporate Engagement Baseline Benefits for all levels:

  • Recognition on the ATA website
  • Recognition in our award-winning Tinnitus Today magazine
  • Employee Memberships
  • Advertising space in Tinnitus Today magazine, both print and digital

Corporate Engagement Program Categories: 

(levels of engagement & investment vary widely to ensure opportunities will fit all business models and budgets)
Visionary Partner 

Visionary Partner ($25,000 Investment)

  • Recognition in three (3) issues of Tinnitus Today and includes
    > Company Spotlight (paragraph write-up) positioned as advertisement
    > Linked Company Logo, URL
    > Three (3) full-page Premier Position Ads ($3,000 per issue value)
  • Recognition on ATA Website which includes
    > Banner advertising for one (1) full year ($2,500 value)
    > Company spotlight (paragraph write-up) positioned as advertisement
  • Exclusive sponsorship of one (1) Conversations in Tinnitus podcast*
  • Up to 25 Employee memberships (annual)
  • Social Media recognition on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (4x recognition)

Patron ($10,000 investment)

In addition to baseline benefits.

  • Recognition in three (3) issues of Tinnitus Today, both digial and print, includes
    > Company Logo, URL
  • Logo recognition on ATA Website which includes
    > Linked logo
    > Rotating banner advertisement for one (1) full year (value $1,200)
    > Linked corporate logo/URL
    > Employee memberships (10 annually)
    > Three (3) half-page Premier Position Ads in Tinnitus Today magazine ($2,000 value for each)
    > Social Media recognition on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Friend ($5,000 lnvestment)

In addition to baseline benefits

  • Recognition in three (3) issues of Tinnitus Today, both digital and print
    > Company Name
  • Recognition on ATA Website
    > Linked corporate logo/URL
    > Two (2) annual employee memberships 
    > Three (3) quarter-page Premier Position ads in Tinnitus Today magazine ($1,250 value for each)
    > Social media recognition on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Supporting the American Tinnitus Association is your best opportunity to increase visibility of your product/service, enhance your company image, and impress upon the ATA members – including its patient community and healthcare providers – that you are committed to advancing the well-being of patients and those who support them.

For more information about the ATA Corporate Engagement Program or advertising please contact


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