E.A.R.S. Sumner, WA Tinnitus/Hearing Loss Support Group Meeting

Manage Your Tinnitus

Discover the proven tools and therapies that can minimize the burden of your tinnitus and improve your quality of life.

Date & Time: 
October 6th, 9:30pm

Sumner Public Library, 1116 Fryar Ave.

Sumner, WA 98390  (Meeting Room)

Event Type: 
Support group
Kathleen Hystad, KHYSTAD7@GMAIL.COM

E.A.R.S. Tinnitus /Hearing Loss Support Group Meeting

The Evening's Program:

Coping skills & sharing time.

An audiologist will give a presentation. Subject: TBA, with time for questions & answers.

How to talk to someone with a hearing loss.

ATA materials available. How to connect with webinars with ATA.

Ron will give a presentation on caption telephones, which are free for people with hearing loss.

This is a warm and friendly meeting with people who understand and care about what you are experiencing.  

This meeting is for you!  Everyone welcome!  We look forward to seeing you!

While supplies last, contact Khystad7@gmail.com for a gift certificate for $500 off hearing aids. 

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