Ewing New Jersey February 2018 Tinnitus Self-Help Group Meeting

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Date & Time: 
February 17th, 1:00pm

First Presbyterian Church
100 Scotch Rd,
Ewing Township, NJ 08628

Event Type: 
Support group
Dhyan Cassie, dhyan1@verizon.net

From the leader Dhyan Cassie:

At our last month we discussed a book written by Dr. Paul DÁrezzo.  Dr. DÁbrezzo suffered debilitating tinnitus and wanted to share his experience in recovery with others.  The title is "Change Your Mind about Tinnitus/ Transforming the Way You Think to Help Control the Ringing in Your Ears.  We compared his treatment plans with those we have discussed before.  We found important similarities with Tinnitus Retraining Therapy which focuses on retraining the brain's reaction to the tinnitus.  We did not agree with keeping a tinnitus diary and did not find some of the physical exercises (used for interruption of the tinnitus) helpful. And yet we know he found relief from his tinnitus and feel he has important information to share. 

Since we always talk of the brain's role in its reaction to tinnitus, we are going to study the role of  exercise, nutrition and social interaction to make sure our brain is healthy.  Unfortunately some of the things we do and eat make our brain sluggish.  There are exercises to strengthen the brain so it can be strong enough to deflect tinnitus.  It's not so hard - let's share our exercises together!

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