Ewing, New Jersey September '17 Self-Help Group Meeting

Join the Ewing, New Jersey Self-Help Group at their next meeting. Topic: Cannabis As A Treatment For Tinnitus?

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Date & Time: 
September 16th, 1:00pm

First Presbyterian Church
100 Scotch Rd.
Ewing Township, NJ 08628

Event Type: 
Support group
Dhyan Cassie, dhyan1@verizon.net

A Message From the Group Leader, Dhyan Cassie, AuD:

Summer is waning and I hope it was a time of fun and relaxation with

tinnitus way in the background .   At our last meeting we  talked about the power of positive thinking.  A recent study published in the Journal of Gerontology of more than 4000 people demonstrated that a positive view can enhance belief in one's abilities, decrease perceived stress and foster healthful behaviors.  Yes, and lessen the tinnitus impact! (I added that last sentence). 


One of our members is on medical marijuana treatment with the "high"removed from the drug.  Is this a viable treatment?  How is it working?  We will discuss the benefits of medical marijuana in the treatment of tinnitus as well as any potential drawbacks.

We will also talk about the treatments that were  most used by doctors and audiologists in 2017.

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