Ewing NJ Tinnitus Self-Help Group Meeting

Manage Your Tinnitus

Discover the proven tools and therapies that can minimize the burden of your tinnitus and improve your quality of life.

Date & Time: 
May 14th, 1:00pm

First Presbyterian Church Ewing NJ

Event Type: 
Support group
Dhyan Cassie, Au.D., dcassie@atsu.edu


Dear friends:

At our last meeting we discussed pharmaceuticals for alleviation or even cure of tinnitus.  There is a great deal of research now which is hopeful but it will take time to determine which drugs have detrimental side effects.  We also learned that due to the different causes of tinnitus, one particular medication might not help everyone.

We heard through the ATA webinar on pharmaceuticals that AM-101 has potential.  It is administered in intratympanic injections so it is still not ready for individual use.  It works by blocking cochlear receptors to suppress the aberrant excitation of the auditory nerve.   Keep on the lookout and in the meantime, stay away from Internet "cures". 

On May 14th from 10:00-11:30 a.m. we will discuss solutions for better sleep. Tinnitus patients often find sleep disturbed and thus a cycle of sleeplessness, tiredness, increased tinnitus. This can be broken.  I hope we can offer help for you.


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