Ewing, NJ Tinnitus Self-Help Group Meeting

Manage Your Tinnitus

Discover the proven tools and therapies that can minimize the burden of your tinnitus and improve your quality of life.

Date & Time: 
September 10th, 1:00pm

First Presbyterian Church, Ewing, NJ

Event Type: 
Support group
Dhyan Cassie, Au.D., Dhyan1@verizon.net

"All About TInnitus"

Dear Friends,

Last meeting Dr. Jennifer Gans came to us by phone from California to present her Mindfulness Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction (MBTSR) program. Dr. Gans is a researcher at the University of California.  Her program guides you through techniques to empower you to maintain balance and comfort in your everyday life." This is an eight 2 hour weekly online instructional class.  If you would like to pursue it please go to admin@mindfultinnitusrelief.com. .  Those in the group who have taken mindfulness courses described the technique as worthwhile.  You may find a group in your area if you prefer not to take the course on the Internet. 

In September we are going to present the whole tinnitus program from onset to reaction to relief.  We haven't done this for a while. It is good to review the process of what is going on in the brain so we can learn how to fix it.  A review also helps us understand what products may be useful and which ones are bogus.

After the last meeting, a newcomer expressed that others in the group do not have tinnitus as bad as hers.  As we look for good areas of our lives and as we work toward healing, we know that we can and will get better.  She will also.  It may be mindfulness, amplification, education, sound generators, sound processing on our Iphones, but the brain can and will discard this useless tinnitus. 

I hope you can come and be encouraged and give help and hope to others.


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