Los Angeles, California March 2018 Tinnitus Support Group Meeting

The Los Angeles Tinnitus Support Group is reconvening at a new location on the University of Southern California's campus

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Date & Time: 
March 10th, 1:00pm

Downey Research Building, Room 102 USC Campus

Directions:The lecture building Downey Research building or DRB) is at the corner of South Vermont Avenue and West 36th Place on the Univ. of Southern California campus.  36th Place becomes Downey Way on the campus.  Enter the campus through guard gate now called the McClintock Ave. gate off of Jefferson Blvd. and get a parking pass ($12/day).  The USC street name after you enter the campus is called McClintock Avenue.  Drive down McClintock until you come to a large parking structure on your right at the corner of Downey Way and McClintock.  Park in this structure at any non-reserved spot.  The DRB building where the meeting is being held is adjacent to this structure on the northern side of the building on Downey way.  (You will see the guard booth for gate #6 [closed on Saturdays and now called the Downey Way entrance] adjacent to the building.   The link enables you to get a campus map with hot links for each of the gates.   https://web-app.usc.edu/mobile/maps/#entrance

Event Type: 
Support group

Title:  Living with Hyperacusis (Sensitivity to Sound) 

Speaker:  Tom Lobl, Ph.D.; Entrepreneur in Residence, Alfred Mann Institute at Univ. Southern California

Date:  Saturday, March 10, 2018, 10 AM – 12 noon.

Location:  Downey Research Building, Room 102

Short Summary: Hyperacusis is a medical condition in which the patient has extreme sensitivity, often painful, to certain sounds that would be considered tolerable to most.  Although some patients have hyperacusis alone nearly 80% also report having tinnitus too.  This presentation will review what is known about hyperacusis and then the floor will be opened up for all to share their experiences with sound sensitivities and what has worked to help them cope with hyperacusis.   

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