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Date & Time: 
May 22nd, 1:00pm

This Saturday, May 22, we are having a special presentation by two Tucson audiologists who are also on the board of directors of ALOHA (Adult Loss of Hearing Association). Cristi Moore and Pamela Wood will talk about Tinnitus and I know we have a lot of burning questions for them!

You will receive an email from ALOHA on Thursday morning with your invitation and link. Please try to join the meeting before the start time, you can check in as early as 12:30. Of course, latecomers will be accommodated.

The meeting begins at 1 pm Arizona time. About the time differences: Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. In the summer, we are the same time as Pacific, in the winter we are the same time as Mountain. Sorry to keep repeating this information but there is still some confusion.

Here is an EZ way to figure it out: If you are in the Pacific time zone, the meeting is at 1 pm. If you're in the "traditional" Mountain, it's 2 pm. If you're in Central, it's 3 pm. Eastern, it's 4 pm. Or you can google: what time is it in Arizona and see the difference.

There have been a few requests for Peter Vernezze's updated video, so here it is:

For more information about the group, or to RSVP for the meeting, contact Group Leader Trudy Jacobson at trudyjuara@gmail.com.

Event Type: 
Support group
Trudy Jacobson, trudyjuara@gmail.com

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