VA NCRAR conference: Ototoxicity and Noise Damage: Translating Preclinical Findings to Audiological Management

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Date & Time: 
September 25th, 7:15am

The VA NCRAR conference: Ototoxicity and Noise Damage: Translating Preclinical Findings to Audiological Management is coming up on September 25th – 27th 2019 in Portland, Oregon.

AAA and ASHA CEUs available!

This cross-disciplinary meeting will consist of data-drikven presentations from a mix of auditory scientists, biostatisticians, neuroscientists, and cellular/molecular biologists to address: (1) common mechanisms and risk factors for ototoxin- and noise-related auditory injury; (2) current efforts for separating sensory and neural cochlear damage; (3) central consequences resulting from peripheral auditory injury such as tinnitus, temporal processing deficits, and enhanced central gain; 4) clinical and quality of life outcomes of ototoxin-, noise-, and blast exposure; (5) and future directions for prevention and treatment.

Pricing for all registrants is $350.

Click here to register and for more information:

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Dawn Martin, 503.220.8262 x52962,

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