The Villages, Florida December 2018 Tinnitus Support Group Meeting

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Date & Time: 
December 27th, 6:30pm

Churchill Street Recreation Center
2375 Churchill Downs
The Villages, FL 32162

Event Type: 
Support group

From the group leader, Sal Gentile:

Happy (ALL) Holidays,
In this season period we experience "Emotion", losing relatives, friends, medical challenges, thinking back to our past life seem (for me anyway) to bring good and bad thoughts however can ramp up our tinnitus through our emotions. Why? It is also a busy season and Holidays can be stressful, I know for me they are...Stress = Anxiety = Louder Tinnitus. So lets talk about what we can do about it...

And what about those who struggle in loud social gatherings to hear others.

Everything is loud, parties, Holiday music,and so much more. Thinking about 2019 and what is ahead of us is also anxiety producing.

Our next Villages tinnitus support group meeting meeting will be conducted on Thursday, December 27, 2018 at 3:30PM at the Churchill Street Recreation Center.

Lets talk about these challenges and have another open forum session.

I continue to get questions on Hearing aids so I will bring back a seasoned tinnitus audiologist and a hearing instrument professional in 2019 as one or two of a full line of tinnitus professionals from acupuncturists to psychologists, perhaps an otologist, and my goal is to schedule a tinnitus professor to come speak to us and educate us as best as possible.

I realize Holidays and Days of Worship mean commitments however I elected to conduct the class.

If One person attends and I helped One person change their quality of life I have done my job as a tinnitus support group leader.


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