Washington DC Tinnitus Support Group in Georgetown, December 7

Join us in Washington DC on December 7th for the Tinnitus Support Group Meeting in Georgetown!

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Date & Time: 
December 7th, 9:30pm

The meeting will be held in room SW107 of the Medical and Dental Building at Georgetown University: http://maps.georgetown.edu/medicalanddentalbuilding/. The address is 3900 Reservoir Rd. It is probably best to enter through the entrance closest to Reservoir Rd. Parking will likely be available along Reservoir Rd, or through Entrance 2.

Event Type: 
Support group
Theodore Turesky, tturesky@gmail.com

Our speaker (via phone or skype) is Bradley Vite, who will describe how he successfully implemented a noise control policy in his town of Elkhart, Indiana. We hope to learn how to implement similar policies in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. 

Bradley, who joined the American Tinnitus association's (ATA) Board of Directors in 2011, has made it his personal mission to raise awareness of tinnitus and hyperacusis, and in turn increase support for research on both of these conditions.

Patient Stories

There are as many experiences of tinnitus as there are people. Learn about the various ways people manage their condition and take back their lives.

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ATA is one of the only organizations worldwide funding tinnitus research. Learn about ATA's innovative Roadmap to a Cure, and recently-funded studies.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options

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