May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!

Communication For All! Help Protect the Future of Hearing by Educating about Noise Induced Hearing Loss

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ATA is joining the American Speech-Language Association (ASHA) to spread awareness that May is Better Hearing & Speech Month! This event is a time to raise awareness about hearing loss and communication disorders including tinnitus. This year’s theme, “Communication for All,” focuses on strategies to prevent the expected increase in the number of people living with hearing loss.

Healthy hearing habits start early — and parents may not be aware of the risks of spending too much time around loud noises, especially for young children.

This Better Hearing & Speech Month, we’re highlighting our shared responsibility as public health and health care professionals to educate parents about noise-induced hearing loss — and we’re asking you join us in our efforts to share key messages like these:

  • 48 million people in the United States have trouble hearing with one (or both) of their ears
  • Over time, being around too much loud noise can make your child lose their hearing — and once it’s gone, they can’t get it back
  • There’s a lot you can do to protect your child’s hearing, like keeping them away from loud noises and having them wear ear protection when they’re around loud noises

Here is a fact sheet developed by the Centers for Disease Contol with some additional facts and educational material to help educate yourself and others you know with children about how to establish and keep good listening habits from an early age. And just because this is focused on children, doesn't mean that adults can't benefit from this information as well! 

Noise is a leading contributor to the onset of tinnitus. So by educating about noise-induced hearing loss, you are helping to educate about noise-induced tinnitus. Together we can prevent these conditions in many situations and help create a quieter and healthy hearing future for all!

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