A New Tinnitus Relief App from Starkey Hearing Technologies

ATA corporate partner Starkey Hearing Technologies launches "Relax"

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Relax is a new mobile application created by Starkey Hearing Technologies to help provide personalized tinnitus relief and resources to patients so they can live better and have a healthier life. Relax is a comprehensive tinnitus education and self-management tool that is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Because tinnitus is unique to every patient, Relax offers a personalized experience for every user by providing 12 relief sounds that can be customized to personal preference and saved uniquely.  Users can modify volume, frequency response and rate of fluctuation on each sound so it sounds just the way they like it. This flexibility is key to providing relief that is specific to each user’s unique tinnitus.  

Tinnitus patients often have many unanswered questions about the noise they are hearing – Relax provides a comprehensive education about symptoms, causes, treatments and solutions that can help answer those questions. For patients seeking additional information or help, Relax also provides contact information for a hearing professional right in the app.

For patients experiencing hearing loss in addition to tinnitus, Relax relief sounds can be streamed directly to Starkey Hearing Technologies’ Made for iPhone® hearing aids via an iOS device or 900 MHz wireless hearing aids via a SurfLink® Mobile accessory. 

Starkey Hearing Technologies is a proud partner of the American Tinnitus Association, working together to bring tinnitus awareness, education and solutions to patients. 

Download the app in the Apple iTunes Store

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