Retired NFL players may be at risk for tinnitus and hearing loss

One of the many reported causes of tinnitus is head and/or neck injury. NFL players can sustain multiple concussions throughout their career, potentially putting them at-risk for tinnitus and hearing loss long-term.

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Loyola University Health System. "Retired NFL players may be at risk for hearing loss and tinnitus." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 7 July 2014.

Retired NFL players may be at risk for permanent hearing loss and tinnitus, according to John Leonetti, M.D., an ear surgeon at Loyola University Medical Center. Many NFL players suffer one or more concussions during their careers. And Leonetti notes that such blunt head trauma has been associated with hearing loss and tinnitus (chronic ringing or buzzing in the ears).  As we approach Superbowl Sunday this weekend, we highlight the growing concern about the correlation between head injuries, tinnitus and auditory damage.

ScienceDaily Press Release - 7/7/2014

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