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From the October/November 2018 issue of AARP.

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Discover the proven tools and therapies that can minimize the burden of your tinnitus and improve your quality of life.

LIKE SNOWFLAKES or fingerprints, the phantom noises that are heard by the 50 million American adults with tinnitus are unique. Some sufferers are tortured by constant buzzing; others, by hissing or ringing. For Los Angeles independent TV producer Nick Stein, 65, it’s a monotonous, high-pitched whistle that started after a night working in the studio in 2005. “When it’s really loud, it’s really horrible,” he says.

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Patient Stories

There are as many experiences of tinnitus as there are people. Learn about the various ways people manage their condition and take back their lives.

Tinnitus Research

ATA is one of the only organizations worldwide funding tinnitus research. Learn about ATA's innovative Roadmap to a Cure, and recently-funded studies.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options

You have choices when it comes to tinnitus treatment. Learn about your options, including general wellness, sound therapy, behavioral therapies and more.