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ATA-Funded Research in 2016/17

This year, the ATA Board of Directors approved $156,015 of total funding to support four unique and particularly-promising tinnitus research projects. 

The Role of Cochlear Synaptopathy in Tinnitus
Gabriel Corfas, Ph.D., The Regents of the University of Michigan
Funding: $50,000
Roadmap to a Cure Pathways:

A New Approach to Diagnosing Hyperacusis in Tinnitus Patients
Sarah Theodoroff, Ph.D., National Center for Rehabilitative Research, VA Portland Healthcare System
Funding: $48,820
Roadmap to a Cure Pathways:

Informational Masking and Tinnitus Adaptation (Year 2)
Grant Searchfield, Ph.D., University of Auckland, New Zealand
Funding: $49,531
Roadmap to a Cure Pathways:

Cross-Validation of Two Tinnitus Screening Approaches in Mice (student grant)
Inga Kristaponyte, Northeast Ohio Medical University
Alex Galazyuk, Ph.D., Mentor
Funding: $6,664
Roadmap to a Cure Pathways:

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Tinnitus Research

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Treatment Options

Treatment Options

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