Research Toward a Cure

Finding a cure for tinnitus is ATA’s priority. Research will help us reach this goal. ATA is the only patient-based membership association that directly funds tinnitus research. Since 1980 we have allocated over $6 million to advance tinnitus research.

Tinnitus is a complicated audiological and neurological condition, with multiple triggering catalysts and biological pathologies. Researchers around the world are working to better understand the many forms of tinnitus, optimize tinnitus management therapies, and discover a definitive cure for the condition.

Over the years, tremendous research advancements have been made, and the pace of scientific discovery is constantly accelerating.  ATA’s national leadership and research grant program have made tinnitus a high-priority research topic. Since we formed in 1971, the number of published research papers related to tinnitus each year has increased 650 percent!  This is an amazing knowledge base upon which we can build new prospective treatments for tinnitus.

And yet, there is still so much more to do. Despite its growing prevalence and often-devastating effects, tinnitus remains a severely underfunded medical condition. With the support of our members, leadership and the scientific community, ATA is spearheading efforts change the status quo. By self-funding targeted research projects and encouraging government to support tinnitus research, ATA is leading the way in the search for a cure. What Are the Different Types of Clinical Research?