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Vol. 8: September 2, 2023

This issue of Tinnitus Health highlights practical advice for those with tinnitus.

Discussion around tinnitus often focuses on the big picture, whether that’s finding a cure or searching for a cause. But for many people with tinnitus, the condition requires daily management. From practicing good mental health habits, to discovering how diet plays a part in hearing health, one can make many small changes in daily life that add up to a bigger positive impact. We hope the advice in these articles benefits your everyday experience as someone living with tinnitus.

University of Michigan Study Shows Promise as a New Tinnitus Treatment

A study from the University of Michigan's Hearing Research Institute found that bi-sensory stimulation, a treatment that combines timed sound and mild electrical stimulation to the neck, may be an effective way to reduce tinnitus symptoms.

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Making Waves by Raising Funds for Research and Awareness of Tinnitus

The American Tinnitus Association is honored to partner with professional angler Mike Delvisco, in collaboration with Texas Roadhouse, for a very special fundraising event that includes an auction to fish with celebrities and much more. To learn more about the Sept. 16 fishing events and how to support them, see https://www.ata.org/douglas-lake-fishing-tournament/ (Note that sponsorship opportunities close Sept. 5.) 

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Which Hearing Aid is "Best" for Tinnitus?

With so many hearing aids on the market, which one is the "best" for tinniuts? Audiologist Beth Fields weighs in.

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There and Back Again: Expressing Pain and Hope Through Poetry

After developing tinnitus and hyperacusis, Ann Ramsey discovered that her passion for poetry could serve as a powerful tool for expressing the complex nature of learning to live with both conditions and measuring progress to restore her enjoyment of life.

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