Torryn Brazell Named Executive Director and COO of the American Tinnitus Association

Brazell joins American Tinnitus Association to lead its advocacy, education, and research efforts for the 50 million Americans who suffer from tinnitus or hyperacusis.


Torryn Brazell

The American Tinnitus Association (ATA) has named Torryn P. Brazell, MS, CAE, as its new Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. ATA is the nation’s foremost organization committed to improving the lives of people with tinnitus and hyperacusis by providing hope for a quieter future through education, advocacy, and research toward a cure. Tinnitus affects approximately 50 million individuals in the United States and is commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears.”

According to data analyzed from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 16 million in the United States suffer from chronic tinnitus and have sought medical attention for their condition. The leading cause of tinnitus is exposure to loud sound, which can harm an individual’s auditory system; the second leading cause is head or neck trauma. Tinnitus is also the leading service-connected disability for U.S. veterans.

“My experience working in the audiology space has exposed me to the crisis we are facing in America regarding tinnitus,” Brazell said. “My mother has suffered from tinnitus for years and now uses hearing aids; it is disheartening to imagine that so many people will go through the loss that my mother has. I look forward to working with the ATA’s Board of Directors and staff to help raise awareness about tinnitus and how to prevent it.”

Said Scott C. Mitchell, CPA, JD, Chair, ATA Board of Directors, “With Torryn’s experience working with hearing professionals and her understanding of the tinnitus epidemic, we believe she is the perfect fit to help the ATA fulfill its mission of finding a cure for tinnitus and helping those who suffer from the condition to have a better quality of life.”

Brazell joins the ATA following five years as the Managing Director of the American Board of Audiology, a national organization that creates and promotes rigorous credentials earned by leading audiologists. Before the ABA, Brazell served as the Executive Director of the National Grants Management Association. She holds an MS in Business and Organizational Management, and a Curriculum Design Certificate, from Marymount University, and a BS in Political Science from Oregon State University. She also holds Certified Meeting Professional and Certified Association Executive certifications. Brazell currently serves as immediate past chair, Board of Directors, Certification Network Group (CNG), and is an active speaker, ISO/IEC 17024 technical and quality management assessor, and fund-raiser for the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.