Tinnitus Advisor Program: Talk to an Informed Professional

The American Tinnitus Association understands how hard it is to find meaningful advice and guidance on coping with tinnitus. To help people struggling with tinnitus, the ATA launched the Tinnitus Advisors Program (TinnAP), which gives you the opportunity to speak with someone specialized in tinnitus care. The 15-minute one-time consultation is free and intended to provide:

  • information on research-based guidelines for tinnitus treatment and management,
  • self-help strategies, including guidance on sound therapy and stress reduction tips,
  • information on how to locate healthcare professionals who might be able to help.

This service is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for seeking professional care from someone in your local community. Please understand that, as a free program underwritten by the ATA, only one call is allowed. If you have additional questions after your consultation, please call 800.634.8978, ext. 6.

To speak with one of our tinnitus program advisors, call 800.634.8978, ext. 3. Please leave a brief message, including your name, telephone number, and location. An advisor will return your call within 72 hours.